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Full Interview: COVID "Vaccines" The Devastating Impact on Pregnant Women & Their Babies

Interview with James Thorp MD and Michelle Gershman RN Hosted by Curtis Cost

This has to be the most intense and disturbing interview I have done! I was shacken for hours after it was over. (Feel free to also watch the trailer and share it.)

James Thorp MD and Michelle Gershman RN share no holds barred revealations on the horrific harm and even deaths resulting from pregnant women being given these COVID injections. They discuss what these shots are doing to the mothers and the disaters outcomes for many of their babies.

Dr. Thorp explains that the drug companies knew the dangers well in advance based on what happened to the pregnant mice and rats that were given these COVID shots. This is probably among the most disturbing segments of the itnerview. Nonetheless, these injections were still promoted to expecting mothers! These mothers and their babies were deliberately put in harms way.

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Michelle Gershman shares her first hand account working as a hospital nurse, of what was normal before the COVID shots were given to pregnant women and the dramatic change after they started taking the COVID “vaccines.” Michelle was so deeply disturbed by what she witnessed that she became a whistleblower to expose what was going on.

Dr. Thorp also shared dramatic research he collaborated on which showed that the what was happening in America to pregnant women and their babies, was happening all aroung the world! In his assessment, this situation is probably the worst medical disaster in human history.


Despite all of the mounting evidence on the dangers of pregnant women receiving the experimental COVID shots, the public is not being warned by most of the mainstream media. In fact, the opposite messaging is being put out there. Expecting mothers are literally being encouraged to take these dangerous and experimental COVID shots!

This is an urgent warning from two individuals who understand the dangers that these COVID injections represent to pregnant women and their babies in the short-term and the threat to the human race in the long-term.

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