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COVID Shot Linked To Severe Female Cycle Problems - Interview with Tiffany Parotto


Tiffany Parotto has spearheaded a project to uncover why so many women across America and around the world have been having severe menstrual and other health problems since the introduction of the COVID “vaccine.” The project is called: My Cycle Story.

Ms. Parotto was able to get a team of doctors and scientists to help with this investigation. A detailed survey was put together in which women were asked a wide range of questions regarding the types of problems they have been going through with their cycles. When did their abnormal cycles begin? Did they take the COVID injection? Were they in close proximity to individuals who took the COVID shot? There were a total of 91 questions in all that women had to answer in the survey.

This survey was placed on various social media websites and the response was overwhelming. Ms. Parotto pointed out that almost overnight they received over 200,000 responses from women who shared their nightmare stories about the dramatic abnormalities they have been going through with their cycles beginning in 2021.

A total of 6,200 women completed the surveys and the data was analyzed by doctors and scientists. The results were terrifying! One of the things that was uncovered was that many women were having bleeding problems that were so severe that it soaked through their clothes. Some could not even stand up for more than an hour! For other women, their cycles were continuous for months and even up to a full year! Girls as young as 2 years old and women as old as 92 years old were suddenly bleeding! As horrific as these discoveries were, Tiffany Parotto shared even more disturbing things in this interview.


Among the most shocking was the fact that not all of these women had received the COVID “vaccine!” Women who never took the shot, but had intimate relations with someone who did take it, were affected. The same was true for those living in the same household with someone vaccinated or working at a job around others who took the shot!

The preliminary findings have been published in a medical journal. Another report from the My Cycle Story team is about to be published with the focus being on the issue of transmission. What exactly is being transferred from a vaccinated person to an unvaccinated person? How is it being transmitted? These and other questions will be explored.

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Ms. Parotto also noted that the mainstream medical establishment and mainstream media have been denying any link between the COVID “vaccine” and the severe bleeding and other problems that women and little girls are now having and getting worse. She said that the media and mainstream doctors have been trying to put the blame on COVID and not the COVID injection. Of course, they fail to offer any proof for such a claim. Also, menstrual problems are not even part of the symptoms that are listed as COVID symptoms by the CDC.

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We also discussed some of the problems that men are having if they took the shot or were intimate with a woman who had. Men are now having performance problems and other serious issues. Tiffany Parotto said that her team will soon be addressing the issues that men are experiencing.

Ms. Parotto encourages women to visit their website and to take the survey and get updates on the information.

Curtis Cost

Children’s Health Defense

Author of: Vaccines Are Dangerous

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