Uncensored - Interview With Christine Massey

COVID "Virus" - Where's The Proof?

In this dynamic interview, Christine Massey shares her groundbreaking research into the issue of whether the COVID “virus” has been proven to exist, as well as the broader question as to whether any “virus” has been proven to exist.

Christine Massey has a master’s degree in bio-statistics and has worked in cancer research.

The controversy over whether the COVID “virus” has been proven to exist, is confusing to most people, but Ms. Massey pursued a route that was purely objective in doing this research. She submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to 213 medical institutions in 40 different countries asking them for documents that proved that the COVID virus has been purified and proven to exist. The responses she received from these institutions were absolutely shocking and draws into question everything they have been telling the public!

She also went into great detail about what is being called isolation of the virus and why the procedures that are being used are fraudulent. In addition, Christine Massey discusses the procedures that they should be doing, if they were serious about trying to prove the existence of a “virus”. 


Her presentation was very detailed, but at the same time so easy to understand, that people will be stunned by the information she shares. Anyone who watches this interview in its entirety will know more about virology and the claims that are made by virologists, than 99% of the people on the planet! She takes what seems so complicated and makes it so simple for everyone to readily comprehend.

Ms. Massey also revealed the problems with the PCR test and why it is worthless. In addition, she exposed the flaws with the claims about the genetic sequencing of the COVID “virus.”

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Currently, there is a major debate raging over whether the COVID “virus” exists and whether any “viruses” exist.  Doctors and scientists on both sides of this issue are very much at odds with each other.  Some believe that getting to the bottom of this issue is absolutely critical to wake people up to the truth and to prevent future pandemics that are blamed on “viruses.”  Others believe that the focus should not be on the “virus” debate, but rather on the dangers of the COVID vaccine which is harming and killing people around the world. This presentation will help everyone to understand this controversy and to be in a better position to draw their own conclusions. 

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Please watch this fascinating presentation by Christine Massey in its entirety, take notes, and share it with your networks.  Lastly, please share your thoughts by making a comment below.

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