The Launch Of New Online Retail Alternative For Health Freedom Advocates

Interview with Leigh Dundas and Jason Sisneros

World famous attorney Leigh Dundas and businessman Jason Sisneros, explain their new business venture geared especially for Health Freedom Advocates across America and around the world.  Their company is called Nobleus and their website is nobleus.com


The company is meant to be an alternative to the big online retail companies.  One of the goals of Nobleus is to create a place where people can shop that is more aligned with their values. Both Dundas and Sisneros describe the importance supporting companies that have high ethical standards especially given all of the changes that the public has been put through over the past few years.

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Nobleus already has a half million products available and they expect that to reach a million products very shortly.  The company will be open in time for the Christmas shopping season.  In addition, those who are interested in selling their products on Nobleus, Leigh Dundas explains how they can do that for free. There are also opportunities for investors who are interested in growing with the company. 


It was also pointed out that soon there will be a button that a customer could push, and the system would make available only products made in America!

This short interview reveals other benefits and insights that are well worth watching.

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