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Schools - What Are They Doing To Our Kids?!!


School systems across America have literally become a battleground in which a massive effort is underway to indoctrinate children with concepts that threaten their emotional and psychological stability as well as their physical health, now and in the future.

These dramatic changes in school curriculums have been done largely without the parent’s knowledge or consent. The end result is that a rapidly growing number of students are expressing confusion about who they are or what they are. This increasingly leads to their being placed on medications and even undergoing surgeries that have devastating health implications. 

This indoctrination can be seen taking place for children as young as kindergarten! It continues straight through high school and even in college. Basic scientific realities are being ignored. The rules of grammar are being trashed to accommodate this indoctrination. The rights of women are being trampled over as we see men being allowed inside women's locker rooms and bathrooms. Women's sports are becoming a joke as men dominate traditional women's sports.


Parents across America are devastated once they discover what has happened to their child and struggle with trying to deal with a situation they never imagined that they would have to deal with. All of this and much worse is taking place and spreading rapidly, but most parents still have no idea of what is really happening inside the schools.

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This video provides A comprehensive overview of just how bad this situation really is. While some may be aware of different aspects of this situation, this presentation connects the dots add exposes the big picture. Those who have reviewed this presentation have referred to it as: “jaw-dropping”, “astonishing” and a “Tour de force!”

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Every parent and every adult needs to watch this video. Please share this with your networks in general. This situation jeopardizes the future of our children which is why everyone needs to become aware of what is happening and start to figure out what to do about it.

My efforts on this project and others is crowd supported. If you think this report is helpful, then consider upgrading to a paid subscriber.

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