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Interview With Dr. Andrew Wakefield - Shocking Revelations

Curtis Cost and Alix Mayer

I had the honor of organizing an interview with the world-famous Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  Alix Mayer joined me in questioning Dr. Wakefield. He delivers an unapologetic assault on the massive corruption he has uncovered over the years in the medical establishment. 

He begins by describing his career and his sudden downfall after trying to warn the public about potential vaccine risks. He also described the evolution of his thinking regarding the credibility of the vaccine industry. Dr. Andrew Wakefield also talks about his new career as a movie director doing controversial films about vaccines, the harm they have caused, and the whistleblowers who have tried to expose what they have seen.


Dr. Wakefield expressed his anger and frustration over the fact that the Vaccines Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), data has shown a huge and unprecedented increase in deaths and injuries since the COVID vaccine came on the market, but the very agencies that should have pulled it from the market, have failed to do so.

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Dr. Wakefield was very frank in condemning what the public has been told about COVID and the hardships that have needlessly been imposed on them. He even warns that African people in America and around the world should be especially concerned about the risks of the COVID shots to their children.  

He also discussed the situation in Australia and warned that a virtual genocide was in the works there with all of the booster shots being imposed on people. In addition, he denounced the PCR and other tests being used to determine if someone had COVID.

This is Dr. Wakefield at his best! No holds barred! No censorship! Everyone should watch and share this interview with a true warrior for truth!

Curtis Cost

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