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Breaking News - NY Governor Files Appeal To Reinstate Quarantine Camps!


(The above trailer gives a great summary of the issues. The full interview is on my Substack)

New York Governor Kathy Hochul had her Attorney General: Letitia James file an appeal in an attempt to overturn the New York State Supreme Court's decision against the creation of quarantine camps in New York.

This appeal was filed yesterday, March 14, just hours before the deadline, even though they had eight months to file their appeal.  Their appeal threatens New Yorkers and the entire country

(NY Governor Kathy Hochul)

What the Governor and Attorney General want is to give themselves unlimited power in their ability to throw whoever they want into a quarantine camp anywhere in New York State. They can make up whatever claim they want against an individual, but they don't have to prove anything as far as their actual health status.


Furthermore, once a person is placed into one of these quarantine camps, they have zero rights! They do not have the right to a court hearing. There is no Due Process protection.  In addition, a person could be held in one of these quarantine camps facilities indefinitely! In other words, there are no time limits on how long a person can be held.  Once inside, a person has to eat whatever they are given, drink whatever they are given, and take whatever experimental drugs or vaccines they are given.  Being forced to take experimental drugs is always dangerous and represents a serious threat to anyone placed in one of these facilities.

(NY Attorney General Letitia James)

It's important to keep in mind that this is not about COVID because the regulation that the Governor wants to reinstate has a long list of health conditions that have nothing to do with COVID and in some cases they are not even communicable diseases. That is, they are not even contagious such as lime disease.  A person does not even have to be sick and there is no requirement that a person has to be tested and proven to be sick or contagious with something. All that it takes is an accusation by the health department and a person can be stripped of their rights and thrown into one of these quarantine camps. 

It is also important to note that a law has been on the books for decades in New York State on how to deal with a person who has a contagious disease and is behaving in a manner that could be a threat to others.  The difference is that the government has to first prove that the person really does have a contagious disease and other steps must be followed before removing such a person.  Individuals have legal protections.  The Governor and Attorney General want to eliminate all such protections!  They want New Yorkers to have zero rights!

This monstrous regulation is no different from concentration camps. It is no different from what is being done in China, Australia, and other countries around the world.   What the Governor and Attorney General want to do, shocks the conscious most Americans! Many have a hard time believing that something this terrible is actually being pushed by them America!

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This appeal is not only outrageous, it is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars! Ultimately, it is a very simple issue. Does the Governor have the legal authority to make laws? The answer to that question is no! Only the legislative branch of The New York State Government is allowed to make laws! Governor Holchul and Attorney General Letitia James, seek to reinstate a regulation for the creation of quarantine camps which would have the effect of law. They are essentially trying to undermine New York State laws and undermine the legislative branch of government! The arrogance behind their effort is absolutely stunning and represents an insult to New Yorkers and the laws that govern New York State!

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The Governor and Attorney General both know that the New York State legislature does not support the creation of these concentration camps in New York State. When a bill with similar language was introduced years ago, the New York State legislature refused to support it and it went nowhere.

Governor Kathy Hochul and Letitia James decided to undermine the will of the New York State legislature by putting forth a regulation for quarantine camps which would have the effect of law.  

They know that what they are attempting to do is wrong and completely illegal which is why during the recent New York elections both the Governor and Attorney General stayed quiet about their desire to impose quarantine camps on New Yorkers. Unfortunately, their opponents who were running against them failed to confront him on this issue.  If they had exposed this horrendous agenda, the election results may have been very different.

Children’s Health Defense NY has been challenging this issue for years. Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox filed a lawsuit against these quarantine camps.  She was not being paid to do this.  Fortunately, she was victorious! The New York State Supreme Court judge ruled that the quarantine camp regulation was illegal and unconstitutional! The whole matter should have ended there!

The quarantine camp regulation which they want to be put back into effect is not about health; it is about having absolute power over the citizens of New York. It would serve as a powerful tool to intimidate those who oppose any of the Governor’s agendas. In other words, those who support the health freedom movement would be at risk of being arbitrarily taken into custody and placed into one of these quarantine camp facilities. If they want to target specific religious groups or racial groups or anyone else they don't like, those groups could be thrown into these quarantine camps, because the Governor and the health department would not have to prove anything. They could just make up a bogus claim and then just start throwing citizens into quarantine camps and essentially throw away the key!  This is an extreme threat to the rights and freedoms that Americans have taken pride in.

If Governor Kathy Hochul and her Attorney General Letitia James, somehow manage to have their way and New York falls to this insanity, then states across America will start to do the same, because what happens in New York or California tends to set a trend across the country.  This is why all of America is threatened by this appeal by Kathy Hochul and Letitia James.

Children’s Health Defense New York, along with many volunteers, has also been opposing these quarantine camps. We have had rallies in most of the boroughs of New York where we handed out flyers and educated people about these quarantine camps!  We have also organized forums and interviews to further alert the public to this critical issue that threatens everyone.  Please view some of the posts on my Substack which cover this issue in great detail.

We must now work harder than ever as a united front to wake up our fellow New Yorkers which includes family, friends, neighbors, our social media contacts, and so forth. The more people we can wake up, the more opposition we can build against these modern date concentration camps.  Everyone needs to start contacting the Governor’s office, the Attorney General's office, and the New York State legislators to express their opposition to this appeal that the Governor has filed need to also express our animosity toward these illegal quarantine camps on their Twitter accounts and other social media outlets. Their supporters should know what these individuals are up to!

Please share this post and stay tuned for updates on this matter.

Curtis Cost

Author of:

Vaccines Are Dangerous

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