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Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Why Are People Suddenly Collapsing And Dying Around The World?

Since the introduction of the COVID “vaccines”, the world has witnessed a totally new phenomena of young, healthy people suddenly collapsing with heart attacks, seizures and simply dying! The medical establishment claims that this is a complete mystery and they have given it a name: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.  Few mainstream doctors and scientists are brave enough to even suggest a possible connection between all of these deaths and the COVID shots.

If this term sounds familiar, it should because the sudden death of infants which began decades ago, was given the name: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. While the mainstream medical establishment was claiming that it was a mystery, independent researchers uncovered compelling evidence of a link between vaccines and the infants who were dying for no apparent reason.  I also wrote about this in my book: Vaccines Are Dangerous. The medical establishment later started accusing parents of literally shaking their babies to death.  Some parents were actually arrested and thrown in prison.  These parents had to not only deal with the traumatic loss of their infant, but they also had to cope with being accused of murdering their baby.

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Many of you have probably seen videos of athletes suddenly collapsing and dying on the field while playing. Some of you have probably seen videos of ordinary people also collapsing and having seizures. This particular video is probably the most comprehensive and disturbing out of all of the ones that I have seen.

When we look at these people just before they collapse, it's like someone turned off a switch and they have no idea what is happening to them and they just go straight down to the floor in many cases slamming their head on a hard surface. Their eyes have a blank expression. Many of them start to have a seizure. Others are motionless as they lay on the ground or floor. Typically their eyes are wide open as they just stare with no expression at all! It has to be a terrifying experience.

What is also heartbreaking is that the people around them have no idea how to help them. Some try to fan them with their hands or something else. Some try to get to stand to their feet, while others just stand and stare helplessly.  I have included a few photos from the video. What is even more disturbing is that those who are able to make it to a hospital, typically they are told that nothing could be found to be wrong with them and the doctor suggests that they might be suffering from some type of mental or emotional problem!

As disturbing as these images are, they only represent the tip of the iceberg. These clips were caught by accident by street cameras.  It is uncomfortable to imagine how many people this is could be happening to but are not caught on camera. This is a global phenomenon that we need to start addressing and trying to assess just how far reaching it really is, and what can be done about it.

Please watch this critically important video to the very end. Share my Substack with your networks so that they can also see what is going on.

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