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Review - Beyond The Reset


This short animation film is the most brilliant work I have seen in a very long time! Everyone should drop whatever they are doing and watch this film! It is that important.

On the surface, Beyond The Reset is about life inside a quarantine camp. This alone is deeply disturbing and even terrifying. It is like some horrific vision of the future but it is already happening right now in different parts of the world. It is so close to home that is virtually impossible to dismiss it as something that could never happen. It is so haunting that most people will have the images etched in their mind’s eye for a very long time.


As the story progresses, it subtly yet powerfully covers a wide range of issues that we have been forced to deal with over the past 3 years. This includes face masks, lockdowns, vaccines, the fear tactics used by the media, the destruction of the food supply and what it is being replaced with, censorship and so much more. It is stunning how such a short film could effectively cover so many issues.

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It has something for everyone regardless of their understanding of these and related issues. Those who have an in-depth understanding will definitely appreciate the content. Those with little to no understanding will nonetheless be deeply moved by the powerful images displayed and their implications. Some will be brought to tears by this film while others will be angered. It is also the type of movie that a person could watch several times and see important details and insights that they missed.

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Right now, the Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul is fighting to install quarantine camps in New York State, but most New Yorkers still do not know anything about this or the horrific implications if she and her Attorney General Letitia James, are successful. A court battle is in play right now. Beyond The Reset will help drive home, for New Yorkers and Americans in general, the nightmare that will be unleashed if quarantine camps are established anywhere in America.

I have made several Substack posts about the dangers of quarantine camps. Please feel free to view these.

Share this with your networks far and wide; people need to understand what is going on!

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