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Renegade - A Tribute To The Harlem Vaccine Forum


This short clip captures the spirit of what happened at the Harlem Vaccine Forum which took place at the Riverside Church in Manhattan on October 19, 2019, where Robert F. Kennedy Jr. came and spoke.

I conceived of and organized this event along with Mary Holland of Children’s Health Defense and others, which essentially became the kickoff for the health freedom movement. It was a response to the New York State Legislature removing the religious exemption from vaccines for students.

Originally, I wanted it to be a joint event with the Rev. Al Sharpton and Robert F Kennedy Jr. It was scheduled to be held at Rev. Al Sharpton's headquarters in Harlem.

From the moment we publicly announced this event we were under attack from multiple fronts.  There was nothing but controversy and attempts to stop us from having this event. 


We did end up having the forum at the historic Riverside Church in Harlem.  It was a beautiful event. The auditorium was standing room only. The audience was very diverse by race, ethnicity, etc.  We were all united in a common cause.  We had various doctors, scientists, and others speak. One of the highlights was the segment I devoted to the parents telling their stories about their struggles in dealing with their vaccine-injured children.  It was very touching and enlightening.

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The keynote speaker everyone was waiting for was Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The audience was very excited.  A short while after Mr. Kennedy started to speak about the criminal activities of some of the pharmaceutical companies, the church turned off his microphone!  Everyone was shocked and angry. I was also stunned. Something very beautiful had turned into a nightmare!  

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I was able to calm things down and Mr. Kennedy spoke outside.  This alone was historic. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was actually speaking on the streets of Harlem!!!  A huge crowd formed as Mr. Kennedy stood on a chair and spoke through a microphone to the growing crowd. 

This tribute to the Harlem Vaccine Forum is only a few minutes long, but it does capture the magic and near tragedy of that day. I will be posting the full forum on my Substack soon and sharing more of the dramatic backstory on the events leading up to that day and what happened on that day itself!

Watch, share, and feel free to comment.

Curtis Cost 

Children’s Health Defense

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