Message to the Unvaccinated


This short video clip is the first one to praise those who chose not to get the COVID shot! It is powerful and inspiring!

Those who chose to research the science and decided against taking the COVID injection were ridiculed by family, friends, and others. They were often ostracized by those they trusted. Many lost their jobs and careers. Despite these hardships, they continued to follow the science and to stay away from that shot.


Well, now the information is flooding in that they made the right decision! The level of adverse reactions and deaths among those who took the COVID “vaccine” has skyrocketed! The cases that we know of are clearly a gross underestimate of the actual numbers.

So many who are suffering now, wish they had listened to their unvaccinated friend or family member.

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This video is a welcomed breath of fresh air for those who stayed strong and true to their convictions. Please watch and share!

Curtis Cost

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Curtis Cost