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Horrific Quarantine Camps In China

This is What They Want To Bring To America!

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Most people have no idea just how nightmarish quarantine camps can be. By looking at the situation in China we can get a glimpse at just how bad things can get.

Police arrive at midnight and tell people that they have to quickly pack because they are being taken to a quarantine camp. If one person tested positive in an apartment building, that would be enough for everyone in the building to be thrown into quaranitne camps. They can not consult with a lawyer and they don’t a right to a court hearing because there is no due process! There is also no need to prove that a person has COVID or that they are sick with anything. All citizen rights are thrown into the garbage. The language in the quarantine camp regulation that NY Governor Kathy Hochul wants to appeal, would also effectively take away the rights of citizens.

In China, those who do not want to go to these quarantine camps are beaten by police in white hazmats suits and dragged into a vehicle and taken away. They are locked in tiny tin cans with only a wooden bed, a toilet and a sink. They are caged like animals all day for weeks or longer. This alone is enough to drive a person insane.

They are also completely at the mercy of the Chinese Government and forced to eat heaven knows what, as well as to take whatever tests, vaccines or other drugs that they are ordered to take. There are also reports that even pregnant women and children are being forced into these interment camps.

This may seem hard to believe, but the reality is that quarantine camps also exist in Austrailia, New Zealand, Vietnam and even Canada among other countries. There are also efforts underway to bring quarantine camps to Africa. Now there are efforts to bring this to New York and if they succeed, it will spread to New Jersey, Connecticut and ultimately all of America! Hopefully this video will start to wake people up to just how serious this issue really is.

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