Forum: NY Quarantine Camps - The Threat Continues!


New York Governor Kathy Hochul and her Attorney General - Letitia James are still pushing for the creation of quarantine camps in New York State. Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox already defeated the Governor and Attorney General on this issue. The end result was that the New York State Supreme Court ruled that Kathy Hochul’s quarantine camp regulation was illegal and unconstitutional.

The Governor and Attorney General had 6 months to file an appeal, but they failed to do so. Instead, they asked for an extension and were granted an additional 2 months which ends on March 13th, 2023.


If Kathy Hocul and her Attorney General Letitia James are somehow successful with their appeal, it would spell disaster for New York and the rest of the country! This panel provides updates on this situation and they discuss the horrific implication if the Governor is allowed to create quarantine camps in New York State.

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This is a critical time and people need to reach out to their elected officials in New York and let them know that you oppose the establishment of quarantine camps in New York. Please share this post with your networks.


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